The Emissions-Free State

California wants to remove as many diesel-powered vehicles from its roadways as possible, and it isn’t just cars, “medium to heavy-duty” vehicles are being targetted, with spending of up to US$1 billion available to “accelerate widespread transportation electrification”.

California’s three largest Utilities have filed proposals for an allocation of the funds. The largest is to create the infrastructure required to electrify the entire freight handling system at the Port of Long Beach.

A large percentage of the goods Americans buy enter the country through ports in California, however the transportation corridor from port to warehouse has some of the worst air pollution in the world. The plan is to replace all heavy operating equipment with electric motors. From gantry cranes that unload ships to the trucks that deliver to the warehouses.

Other proposals include adding charging infrastructure for heavy-duty trucks and buses along major highways, the addition of 90,000 home charging units, the electrification of ground support vehicles at local airports and the installation of EV chargers at airport parking lots.