New From ZEV: The Autoline VOLTRA

Voltra Landcruiser

Representing the beginning of a paradigm shift in Underground Mining Vehicles, is the innovative Voltra, a battery-electric underground mine utility vehicle designed and built for Autoline Australia by New Zealand specialist heavy electric vehicle manufacturer, Zero Emission Vehicles.

Voltra is a battery electric landcruiser. The first of its kind in Australasia, it is aimed at the underground mining sector where producing emissions in a confined space is hazardous.

While the primary role of the Voltra is for surface to mine logistics, the vehicle is a prelude to what is possible with zero emission vehicles underground.

Maintenance of the vehicle is considerably less than its diesel counterpart. Where hundreds of parts need regular service and replacement with diesel, the permanent magnet motors and power electronics in ZEV vehicles are essentially maintenance free.

To maximise energy efficiency, operator comfort and safety, ZEV has developed a unique multi-channel air conditioning system combined with on-demand power steering.

Much of what is seen on the Voltra is also found on other ZEV vehicles, including the ZEV 14000 battery electric rubbish compacting truck, and the ZEV 22000, a concept 110-tonne electric haul truck designed specifically for underground mining operations.