Introducing the ZEV 22000

Launched at the EVWorld NZ, a concept electric vehicle by New Zealand specialist heavy electric vehicle manufacturer Zero Emission Vehicles brings a paradigm shift to transport in underground mining.

The ZEV 22000 is an electric 110 tonne haul truck.

It is emission free. In a hazardous underground environment, removing inflammable fuels and exhaust gases, and the particulates and contaminants they create, is costly and involved. By using electric vehicles, it removes the source of the problem.

With multi-charging options the vehicle can be charged underground, so there is no need to return to the surface for refuelling.

The ZEV 22000 is capable of a tramming speed of 20kph on a 1:7 gradient fully loaded, around twice the speed of its diesel competitor, so, as well as a quicker turnaround, it contributes to a healthier working environment.

The permanent magnet electric motors and power electronics are maintenance free with an operating life of more than 50,000 hours. The ZEV 22000 battery pack, when operated to the end of its usable capacity, should realise between 15,000 and 30,000 machine hours of service before needing replacement.

The hydraulic supply on the ZEV 22000 is provided by an independent electric motor, therefore the hydraulics operate completely independently of the vehicle travel.

With upgrades to machine vision systems and autonomous control algorithms fitted, the ZEV 22000 provides improved levels of driver assistance and ultimately independent autonomous control with traffic blending, this will also reduce damage and wear from collisions with mine walls and contact with other vehicles.