Nearing the Tipping Point

Sales of electric vehicles are growing each month, with the EV market nearly double its forecast from last year and nearly ten times the forecast from 2014.

But the figures we are seeing are for sales of small to moderate size passenger cars. The real savings for the environment and in curbing demand for oil is heavy electric vehicles, and in particular, heavy EVs that are purpose built from the ground up.

Electric bus trials are happening worldwide. But few are full battery electric. Most are either battery-assist with a diesel or CNG on-board turbine, overhead wire, or rapid charge with charging stations along a managed route. And a number of these are conventional ICE vehicles that have been converted.

Similarly flatdecks, vans and service trucks are conventional truck bodies converted to battery electric.
A purpose built full battery electric vehicle is designed to minimise wind drag for efficiency and has a lower centre of gravity for improved stability and to lessen any likelihood of vehicle roll-over.

As European nations record EVs out-selling fossil fuel vehicles, similarly it is happening in some States across America, one get the feeling that it will not be long before we reach the point where electricity becomes the preferred energy for transportation.

New Web Site

Welcome to the new Zero Emission Vehicles web site!

As ZEV moves from research and development into production and commercialisation of its vehicles, so too the web site was due for an overhaul. It is all being put together now, so bear with us as content is added in and we provide information on who we are what we do.

A ‘news’ section (of which this is the first post) will be updated with significant events here at ZEV and in the heavy electric vehicle community and you can also follow us on our Facebook page.