About Us

Zero Emission Vehicles Limited (ZEV) is a designer and manufacturer of electric heavy vehicles. Given that heavy vehicles are the greatest consumers of fossil fuels and the greatest producers of greenhouse gases and harmful carcinogens, ZEV feels the electrification of the world’s heavy vehicle fleet is of the utmost importance.
Formed in 2008, ZEV is a New Zealand company based in the Manawatu that has developed a variety of innovative technologies around batteries, battery management and electric drive. In 2013, ZEV deployed the 9000 series fully electric compacting rubbish truck, a world first.
ZEV offers deep expertise in a wide range of engineering disciplines from mechanical and electric through to electronic and software. It provides vehicles manufacturing, sales and maintenance services across the globe.


George ZanderGeorge Zander (Chairman of the Board)

George has decades of experience in heavy vehicle engineering and manufacture. In addition to his role as Chairman at Zero Emission Vehicles, George is the engineering lead for vehicle and major component design.


Andrew Rushworth (CEO)

Andrew has an extensive background in new technology development, commercialisation and sales worldwide. He has in-depth knowledge accumulated over two decades of the technologies, people and trends and transport and automation. As the CEO of Zero Emission Vehicles, Andrew is responsible for the overall company strategy, including the management of international sales channels and new technology innovation.


Jon HoganJon Hogan (Marketing and Communications Manager)

Jon handles the marketing, media and communications strategies for Zero Emission Vehicles. He has vast experience in advertising, sales and promotions, including many years working in the radio and television industries.