ZEV manufactures battery electric heavy vehicles designed for real-world environments. They are commercial vehicles, developed to deal with the day-to-day rigours of practical operation.
The ZEV drive line, control and ancillary systems mean ZEV vehicles carry greater payloads, do more and go further per charge than any equivalent vehicle. They have been designed in every detail to maximise performance, resulting in:

  • Zero emissions
  • Superior loading capacity
  • Superior stability
  • Superior acceleration/deceleration
  • Superior manoeuvrability
  • Quietest
  • Safest
  • Highest productivity
  • Superior advanced analytics
  • Lowest maintenance and downtime
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Superior energy efficiency.


ZEV 12000

The ZEV 12000 series is a compacting rubbish truck, with full battery electric drive, a super low-floor cab and a single piece chassis/bin.


ZEV 14000

The ZEV 14000 series is a curtainside truck. A 15 tonne vehicle like the 12000 series, it also has the same battery electric drive and super low-floor cab, plus the chassis in designed as a single piece.