ZEV Enters the International Market

Voltra Electric Vehicle

Zero Emission Vehicles moves into the international market in 2018 with the deployment of its first electric vehicle into Australia. The first of the new model of the Voltra fully battery-electric 4WD utility vehicle developed for Autoline is being prepared for use in the Australian mining industry.

“This is a significant milestone for us,” says ZEV Chairman George Zander. “Our goal has always been the global market and this vehicle represents our first steps in the international arena.”

The Voltra was launched at the end of 2017 at EV World in Auckland, but this latest vehicle includes numerous refinements from customer feedback and to suit the harsh operating conditions it is intended for.

Kitsets have been designed and manufactured in New Zealand and have been shipped to Australia where ZEV staff are assembling and fitting them at their Adelaide facilities. The first vehicle is in the final stages of manufacture before being commissioned in the Australian mining industry.

“The mining industry is a very stringent one in terms of process and regulations,” says Zander. “Electric drive provides huge health and safety benefits for the mines and its workers, as well as big reductions in the amount of maintenance a vehicle requires when it does not have a combustion engine.”

The first vehicle is scheduled to go into live mining operation in April.

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